Monday, September 10, 2012

Send Free SMS, Earn Money, Recharge Mobile –

Its easy to send sms from pc/laptop than mobile.
Recently I got know a website named which can be used to send free sms and get paid of 2 ps per sms you send.But to use any message service for free is not much beneficial then using it for 2 paisa per sms.


What you have do?

  •  Each person have to sign up from the official website page of
  • For signing up you have put all the necessary information including name, email and phone number in the registration form.
  • After that, log in into your account and start using it.

How you earn?

For successful Registration Rs 2.
For email verification Rs 1(first time only).
For sending sms 2 paisa/sms.
For inviting friends(through SMS)Rs 1.
For inviting friends(through email)Rs 1.


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Q What is the concept behind
An average Indian sends 50-100 SMS in a month and provides a unique platform to these users where they can send free messages and get rewarded with a mobile recharge in return. Moreover, its incredible speed of sending SMS adds more to its beauty.
Q Is it FREE or do I have to pay for sending SMS?
Sending SMS through is absolutely free. In fact, you will earn by sending every single text. So, start sending messages which will lead to a good earning every time.
Q How can I change my password?
Once you login to your account ,click on the link “Settings” and then click on “Account settings”. Now, click on the “CHANGE” button at the PASSWORD section and you will be able to change your password by first entering the old password and then the new desired password.
Q I forgot my password. What can I do?
In case you forget your password, go to our website. Click on the link that says ‘Forgot your password?’ and enter the required information correctly. Press on the ‘submit’ button after entering the asked details and your password will be delivered to your registered mobile number instantly.
Q How to upload contact and build a private address book?
You can upload and manage your own personal contact book through “Phonebook” option.
Q Can I send SMS across India for FREE?
Yes, you can send SMS across India for FREE and you will be rewarded with 2 paisa for every sent SMS.
Q Can I send Group SMS from
Sorry, this is only a person to person messaging site. Currently, Group sms feature is not supported.
Q What are the various activities which can help me to get a recharge?
For successful Registration Rs 2.
For email verification Rs 1(first time only).                                   {  }
For sending sms 2 paisa/sms.
For inviting friends(through SMS)Rs 1.
For inviting friends(through email)Rs 1.

Note : The earnings for an Invite will get credited only when your friends or the receiver of the invite will register, login and send an SMS from
Q What is My Wallet?
My wallet reflects your current earning in Rupees and Paise.
Q How do I keep track of my earnings and withdrawal?
You can keep track of your earning and withdraw through credit and debit history respectively.
Q How can I see the transaction history?
You can view your credit and debit details in the “My Wallet” section of
Q How can I redeem my earnings?
You can redeem earnings in the form of FREE Mobile recharge.
Q When can I withdraw my earnings?
To withdraw your earning you should have a minimum balance of INR 10.
Q Can I recharge other mobile numbers too?
Yes, you can recharge other mobile numbers as well. But the earning is redeemable for once only. Please make sure, you enter the correct mobile number and you are solely liable for recharge details provided by you.

                 Thank you


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